National Expert Committee gives valuable input on results from Luxembourgish team

Presentation during the NEC Meeting

On the 29.09.2017 team of University of Luxembourg presented both qualitative and quantitative findings of the project to organizations in the field of youth mobility (outgoing from Luxembourg) and employment (Incoming to Luxembourg). Experts from the Luxembourgish employment agency ADEM, the European Youth Information and Counseling Service ERYICA, the European Youth Network, the Centre Information Jeunes, Centre de Documentation & Info sur l’enseignement supérieur CEDIES, and the national agency responsible for the implementation of European programs in the field of education, training and youth Anafore participated in the meeting. The experts gave important input for interesting angles to focus on from a data analysis point of view, compared results to their own experiences, and gave suggestions for future research such as looking at considering employers when conducting interviews on mobility. Moreover, future opportunities for collaboration regarding diverse mobility types have been discussed. Thank you everyone for participating and facilitating a close link between research & policy.