MOVE at the EPLM Steering Group Meeting

As a member of the Steering Group of the European Platform on Learning Mobility, ERYICA presented the MOVE project at their group meeting in Paris, on June 30th – July 1st 2016.

The EPLM’s aim is to engage in the improvement, knowledge, visibility and recognition of learning mobility in the youth field. The Steering Group consists of young people’s representatives and youth NGOs – including the European Youth Forum, policy makers from European institutions, national youth ministries and many more. Thus, the EPLM and MOVE share the mutual interest in youth mobility within the European Union. Besides, the EPLM works with many stakeholders whose work depends very much on research results like those generated in the MOVE project.

MOVE-partner ERYICA was able to raise the interest for the MOVE project within all participants. The Steering Group agreed that they would like to invite the MOVE project to their next Group Meeting in 2017 for yet another presentation. The Move partners are very happy about the invitation and looking forward to the event.

The EPLM dedicated an article to the MOVE project in its summer newsletter. You may read the full newsletter here.