New MOVE article published by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation

MOVE partners Alice Altissimo, Andreas Herz and Wolfgang Schröer have published an article in the magazine “WISO DIREKT”, published by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

The article “Jugendmobilität: Europäische Zivilgesellschaft stärken” discusses the impact of mobility policies on European civil society and migration patterns. Furthermore, social and political attitudes of young Europeans towards mobility and European policies are being highlighted by quoting results found in the qualitative interviews done within the MOVE project. A special focus is done on the differentiation between the concepts of mobility and its stepsister migration: Whereas mobility is considered to be economic capital and status quo, migration is associated with costs and disadvantages.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is a German political foundation that shares the political mind-set of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. It aims at strengthening democracy, social justice, and social economy and globalisation. The German article can be found here.