Vivid exchange at the ESA-Conference in Athens

From left to right: Laura Díaz-Chorne, Karen Hemming, Tabea Schlimbach, Victor Sanz Suárez-Lledó, Emilia Kmiotek-Meier, Javier Lorenzo, Cristina Cuenca

As announced before, MOVE has been busy! Our team presented at the 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association in Athens (August 29 – September 1). The range of presentations reached from agency to political participation, from micro to macro perspective, and focussed on different types of youth mobility (e.g. VET and student mobility). The contributions were based on the results from both qualitative and quantitative data:

  • Karen Hemming & Frank Tillmann: “Brain drain” or “brain gain”? A macro-typology on youth mobility for EU/EFTA countries focusing on the creation/exploitation of human capital.“
  • Tabea Schlimbach & Karen Hemming: “Structural conditions for VET-mobility: opportunities and obstacles.“
  • Cristina Cuenca & Lorenzo Navarrete Moreno: “Spanish vocational education and training mobility in the EU: Youth mobility narratives intertwined structure and agency.“
  • Emilia Kmiotek-Meier: ”I have seen it as a new life phase”- international student mobility as turning point or transition? Credit and degree student mobility – two different perspectives. “
  • Laura Diaz-Chorne, Javier Lorenzo, Lorenzo Navarrete Moreno & Victor Sanz Suárez-Lledó: “European Identity and Mobility" Is it the taking part that counts? Youth transnational political participation in the EU.”
  • Celia Díaz-Catalán, Laura Díaz-Chorne, Lorenzo Navarrete Moreno & Victor Sanz Suárez-Lledó: “Mobility and entrepreneurship: Dodging the ceiling glass?”
  • Victor Suárez-Lledó, Victor Fernandez Araiz, Javier Lorenzo: Searching for emigrants: A combined method in a European youth mobility survey

Vivid exchange during the conference, and especially in the discussion rounds in the respective sessions, with researchers from all over the world helped to refine the results and the hypothesis as well as relate the results from the MOVE to European policy and trends. MOVE researchers contributed in many different research networks showing that the MOVE project has a very wide outreach. Youth mobility - a topic relevant in itself - has many intersections with such topics as transition into adulthood, agency, political participation or social inequalities. We are looking forward to analyse these relevant topics in the outgoing MOVE work!