2nd Progress Meeting: Productive days in the Madrid sun

From March 15th to March 17th, the MOVE Consortium gathered in Madrid for their second progress meeting and third workshop. On the premises of the Instituto de la Juventud (INJUVE), the partners found the perfect environment to discuss current issues, next steps and welcome their new project coordinator Birte Nienaber (University of Luxembourg).

The meeting started with an informative walk through the Madrid city center, providing the consortium with a first orientation and interesting insights into the history of the city and a lot of entertaining nicknames of famous rulers, statutes and kings to remember. After dinner at the Circulo de las Bellas Artes, the participants were looking forward to getting to work on MOVE during the upcoming meeting days.

After a warm welcome by ICN and the old and new project coordinators Ute Karl and Birte Nienaber on day two, the partners dived into discussion on deliverables and management procedures. Then, the work on WP4 and the online survey started. All partners were curious and excited to get first insights into the survey results and the presentation of the survey data. After the lunch break, UH presented the work and results of WP3 and the partners discussed next steps and the upcoming deliverables. The meeting day ended with a Steering Committee and General Assembly meeting and a short summary of the tasks already discussed. Afterwards the hosts invited the consortium to have traditional paella in the city.

The last day of the meeting started with WP5. Birte Nienaber presented the work package and a strategy to bring the results together which was then discussed by the Consortium. Afterwards Ute Karl, Birte Nienaber (UL) and Jessica Walker from ERYICA presented the achievements and next steps in WP6 with a special focus on the final conference planning that has already started. All partners then were involved in the planning of upcoming publications. In the afternoon, INJUVE Director General Javier Dorado Soto paid a short visit to the MOVE consortium and welcomed them valuing the work performed in the project. The Consortium performed a fruitful brainstorming on WP3 results and discussed current matters before it was time to say goodbye.

As Ute Karl stepped back from the Coordination of MOVE, the whole Consortium once again thanked her for her strong commitment, inspiration and scrutiny. With Birte Nienaber, the project found a great new Coordinator who took up the task of keeping the overview of all ongoing and future work. Thank you to both, Ute Karl and Birte Nienaber.