MOVE Presentations at the 7th Spanish Congress of Sociology

MOVE partners Laura Diaz Chorne, Celia Díaz-Catalan and Lorenzo Navarrete Moreno from ICN in Spain will present two papers at the 7th Spanish Congress of Sociology. The three day event takes place in Gijón from June 30th – July 2nd 2016.

The first presentation “Captar la participacíon política transnacional de los jóvenes” will be held on Thursday, June 30th at 4pm. The paper is about the impact of transnationality on political participation of youth, the target group of the MOVE project. It aims at presenting MOVE’s methodological design for an online survey to assess civic participation of young Europeans.

The other MOVE-related presentation, titled “La transnacionalidad como impulso para el emprendimiento” is set for Friday, July 1st at 4pm. The aim of this paper is to discuss the impact of a transnational biography on entrepreneurial projects of young European.

The event is a wonderful opportunity to learn more on the MOVE project.