Public Policy Exchange invites to conference on European youth employment

On November 22nd 2016, Public Policy Exchange is hosting the EU event “Boosting Youth Employment in Europe through Growth and Quality Jobs: Guaranteeing a Future for the Young Generations”. The international symposium will take place in the Thon Hotel in Brussels.

The aim of the event is to elaborate and solve the remaining problem of the EU’s high unemployment rates for young people. It sets out to define strategies for policy makers, employers and young people to overcome this issue and to foster the integration of young people into the working population.

Speakers such as Joao Santos, Deputy Head of Unit at the EC Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Michael Freytag, European Public Affairs Manager at Eurociett, and representatives of JA Europe, JADE, Springboard or InternsGoPro will address topics such as the Current Policy Framework at EU Level, the role of employment services and employers and many more. In addition to that several rounds of discussions are planned.

The symposium’s target audience is very broad and includes policy makers, employment agencies, youth organisations, researchers, and many more.

You may find the agenda and registration fees on the event’s website.