The MOVE Project

To foster young people’s mobility and to improve the conditions for mobility is one major goal within the Youth Policy of the European Union (2008/C 320/03). A large number of platforms, information points and help desks have been set up with the support of EU organisations and national authorities, in order to facilitate youth mobility across Europe.

Nevertheless, youth mobility has not become as widespread across the EU as expected, and few young people have become engaged in physical cross border mobility. Following the Flash Eurobarometer No. 319b (p 24). 14% of the young adults (aged 15 to 35 years) participating in the survey had stayed abroad – or were staying abroad at the time of the survey – for education or training purposes, with a high variety between the countries.

At the same time, it is taken for granted that mobility is good for both the socio-economic development of the European Union and the young people themselves.